BPMN - Business Process Modelling Notation

When modelling business processes there can be a tension between making diagrams simple and easy-to-read, versus making then 'correct' - unambiguous, complete and legal. BPMN 2.0 leans towards the more 'formal' end of the modelling spectrum and provides unmatched clarity and expressive power for modeller, business user and IT specialist.

Donox provide BPMN courses at all levels: for leadership who may be considering how to document their organisation, through operational staff who will have to read diagrams up to the level of advanced practitioners who will work with organisations on process modelling activities.

We don't believe that BPMN is 'difficult' - but it does require some training and practice in both reading and producing the diagrams. The rich set of symbols enable the truth of business processes to be captured in detail. But conversely the richer notation requires more effort to become familiar and to embed in an organisation.

BPMN in an internationally standardised drawing notation intended for drawing business process models in a clear, unambiguous way. The notation is supported by sophisticated modelling tools that provide the power to go far beyond simple diagrams. For example, they enable a consistent and defined vocabulary to be used across hundreds of pages of diagrams. They typically have a 'define once, use many times' capability so that models are easy to update in a consistent manner.

Donox can teach you not only how to read and write BPMN models - but how to elicit, manage and structure them for maximum impact in your organisation.

We recognise that there is a time and place for all types of business process models. We don't have an objection to using sticky-notes stuck to a wall by participants during a process elicitation meeting - in fact that is what we normally do! But our staff also have huge experience of using diagrammatic models in the most formal and rigorous applications. For example in high-integrity, safety and security critical systems. We recognise that when organisations set out to model their business processes for the first time they will often want to use relatively simple process models drawn relatively informally.

But we also typically find that as organisations move up through the levels of process maturity then they tend to need to use more sophisticated methods for capturing their processes. Organisations need those models to be self-consistent and unambiguous - and for any reasonable size process that is almost impossible to achieve without more advanced modelling tools. And that is where BPMN comes in.

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