Business Process Modelling

Document, understand, control, improve, replicate.

Your Route-map to Improvement

We have repeatedly seen that one of the most valuable 'knowedge assets' that an organisation can have are a rich set of process models for their business. Process Models give a return on investment that is frequently many multiples of their cost to develop.

Process models provide a strong foundation for building multi-function teams. It is not surprising that in complex businesses there can be a lack of understanding between functions and departments. How often do we hear that one business function makes a change to 'improve' their own working and cause a significant unexpected side-effect and down-stream cost for other departments? Process Models provide a tool for functions to share their ways of working so that the business as a whole can work more efficiently.

Our clients are frequently surprised and delighted to discover that sometimes a small low-cost change in one function can result in significant savings, and lower effort for other functions.

Controls for Risk and Compliance

Does your business have all of the required controls in place to ensure that risk is minimised and that the business is fully compliant with law and regulation? Even if they are all in place, is it easy to demonstrate that those controls exist and are functioning correctly? Can you be sure that as departments and functions attempt to improve their internal processes they don't inadvertently remove, or reduce the effectiveness of controls?

High quality process documentation not only documents what staff are doing 'at the coal face' - but also can be used to identify control measures and functions. Missing controls can be identified on process maps. Process models are hugely valuable during audits, providing auditors not only a route map to the business - but prima facie evidence of a rigorously controlled organisation.

IT and other Business Change

The introduction of new IT and other business change can be fraught with difficulty without 'current state' business process models. You need to know where you currently are before you can navigate a way ahead. As IT solutions are introduced, a set of 'to-be' process maps will help everybody understand the implications for process change.

IT implementation and business process re-design require the coordinate understanding of many people with varied skills. To make it work each of your business functions will need to work in coordination - Finance, Operations, Legal, Compliance, Risk, IT, Training. High quality process models are the key tool to build consensus and collaboration.

How we can help you?

Donox will work with your staff to capture and document current state business process models. We are experts at working one-to-one with the staff in your organisation who have the detailed process knowledge. We will run multi-function workshops to build consensus in multi-function teams. We will work with those teams to develop future-state ('to-be') process models. Those models will be hugely valuable. They are a great resource of IT teams who need to implement new technology. They provide a hugely effective basis for training design. They can be reviewed by legal, compliance and risk experts to ensure that the correct controls and actions are in place.

High quality Business Process Models are one of the most valuable corporate knowledge assets your organisation can possess.

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