Process Modelling

Process Diagrams describe and define how your business works in a clear, precise and communicable manner. They are a key tool for documenting and improving business processes through standardisation, training and re-use.

Process Diagrams can be drawn in precise, formal notations such as BPMN, or they can use simple, easy-to-read notations that everybody in a business will understand after a moments thought.

It is relatively easy to learn to draw basic, descriptive diagrams using a simple notation - and for some purposes that is all you will need. But there are also a lot of bad process diagrams in the world! Diagrams that confuse people, are difficult to read and understand and don't represent the truth about your processes.

Our Process Modelling courses will lead you through the art and science of capturing your business processes in an accurate, communicable and re-usable manner. We will teach you not only how to draw the diagrams but also how to work with individuals and teams to elicit valuable corporate knowledge.

Donox training courses in process modelling cater for people at all levels of knowledge and experience - from beginner to advanced. We run short workshops intended for operational staff to explain what process diagrams are and how they are used. These workshops are often used to 'kick-start' your process documentation efforts within an organisation.

We run both introductory and advanced business process modelling courses. You will learn all you need to know to produce professional, high-value process models for your business.

It's easy to make the mistake of thinking that Business Process Modelling is a purely technical activity - like designing IT, or writing software - but it isn't! Principally process modelling is a human activity! It is about careful listening and communicating through a common language of diagrams.

Effective process modelling means asking good questions and getting people to talk about what they do and how they do it. It can mean negotiating sensitive issues, because people can be protective of their 'secret knowledge'. It can be about confronting issues and problems - maybe the current process is broken or needs work.

Donox courses will give you mastery of the human aspects of listening and information gathering and couple this with skill in drawing and documenting models. The Sensei level process modeller can take the information gathered through interviews and workshops and turn this into clear, unambiguous, technically correct 'models' of how the business works.

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