Software Testing

Your software product quality depends crucially on your software testing process. You need excellent software testing whether you select an Agile process with testing baked-in at every step of development or if you work in a waterfall environment and accept product deliveries against test. Your reputation depends on the quality of software deliveries - don't let your customers discover the defects that you could have identified through a rigorous, cost-effective test process.

Donox testing training follows the twin-track approach that we have adopted for many of our technology courses. We focus both on the technical aspects of software test and the human, managemental and governance processes in which they have to be embedded. We know from our hands-on, practical experience of managing and transforming test teams that you can't have success in one without the other.

When you take part in one of our courses you will learn about the technical tools, methods, approaches and theory of testing. But we will also show you how those technical processes needs to be integrated into an organised environment of strategy, planning, governance, continual process improvement and people development.

Like our other courses - Donox testing courses integrate those twin themes into a coherent and effective whole. Our trainers have managed software testing departments and have many years of experience of 'hands-on' testing. Donox training integrates theory and practice - covering all of the tools, techniques and methods you will need to run a successful testing program.

Our testing courses cover the ISTQB syllabus at both Foundation and Advanced levels. But they also cover more - based on the extensive practical experience of our trainers.

An effective and efficient software test process is an absolutely essential part of any serious software development program.

Testing technology is developing incredibly rapidly - hardly a month goes by without a new tool being released and promoted. Some of these gain rapid acceptance, others fall by the way side. But how can you get up to speed with this ever changing environment? Where is the best place to start?

Donox software testing courses designed are to encompass the ISTQB syllabus at various levels. This provides you with a thorough grounding in the language, theory and methods of software test. But you need more than that. Donox additionally provide hands-on, practical experience of testing using a variety of tools. We put an emphasis on the human-processes in which testing is embedded - organisation, management, governance and people development. We teach strategies for approaching test programmes and give you the critical skills required to design test programmes for yourself.

We don't believe in a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to testing. Rather we understand that test strategy has to match your software development strategy as well as your technical and corporate strategy. We will give you the knowledge and skills required to develop a test program that matches your company needs.

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