System Modelling with SysML

SysML is a powerful and rich notation for describing systems - their requirements, their structure, their interfaces, behaviour and use. But it is also more than that. It enables the development of rich models that ensure consistency and encourage rigour.

Donox training courses will teach you all you need to know about SysML. At the entry level you will learn how to draw its various diagram types - of which there are several! You will learn the conventions of this powerful graphical language, what the symbols mean and how the diagrams relate to each other.

But to use SysML on a complex systems project requires more than a basic knowledge of the notation. Donox trainers have developed sophisticated models on large, high-value systems programmes. We can teach you not only about the diagrams but how to build sophisticated models.

We can teach you how to structure your SysML models so that they can act as the key resource in your Systems Engineering project. What needs to be represented in the diagrams? What level of detail is required? How can you establish traceability from requirements through analysis to design - a far more difficult problem than it first appears. We can teach you how to build consensus around your model across various engineering disciplines and how to check your system representation for validity and completeness.

If you think that understanding the SysML notation is enough for Systems Engineering projects then think again. That is like equating brick-laying with cathedral building. It's an important skill - but it isn't enough!

If you, or your team are new to SysML then we can help you overcome the initial hurdle of learning this powerful 'visual language'. We can show you which elements you need to focus on to get the most value from your modelling activities. We will provide you not only with an understanding of the language - but a methodology that will enable you kick-start your analysis and design - what ever the scale of your project.

Donox training will support you and your team from your initial use of SysML right up to, and including the development of large-scale models. We can show you how the models can be structured by standard architectural frameworks - including MODAF and DoDAF. We can help you develop style rules for excellent models and introduce you the best ways for structuring and organising work for larger projects.

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