Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering provides the tools, techniques, methods and skills to complete huge technology projects. Our trainers have lead the process, methods and tools efforts for systems that cost in the range £30 Million to £4Bn+. We have trained hundreds of people in the advanced Systems Engineering skills that make such projects possible.

What does Systems Engineering mean for us? It means large, complicated, technology that depends on knowledge, tools, techniques from many domains - Electronics, Software Engineering, Mechanics, Hydraulics, Aerodynamics. It includes the 'supportability' disciplines - Reliability, Maintainability, Logistic Support and Human Factors.

The key issue for such large systems is their complexity. How can a team, that may include many hundreds of people coordinate their efforts to build a piece of technology that is so complicated and many-faceted that no individual can understand it all in detail? How can the technical aspects of such developments be coordinated over a period of time that may run into years, and over the multiple geographies that multi-partner projects often entail? How can we reduce the risks for procurers and large-scale systems developers? These are the questions addressed by our Systems Engineering courses.

We provide courses focused on specific sub-disciplines of Systems Engineering including Requirements Management and System Modelling in sysML. We also regularly present our Systems Engineering Fast Track course in conjunction with Oxford University.

The Fast Track course introduces an integrated approach to Processes, Procedures, Plans, Methods and Tools for Systems Engineering. During the Fast Track course you will be introduced to some of the 'big ticket' items of Systems Engineering - including system modelling, requirements management, decision analysis and key architectural frameworks. But we also show how these modern techniques of complex Systems Engineering have to be integrated with traditional Engineering disciplines including Configuration Management, Reviews and Inspections, Failure analysis, Document planning, management and control.

Donox staff have successfully trained hundreds of Systems Engineers from major, international systems integration companies down to individuals who wanted to develop their own knowledge and skills in this complex domain.

Consider the disciplines shown in the graphic on the left. Making mistakes in any of these domains on a large-scale systems project will cost a large amount of money. This is simply an unpleasant side-effect of working on huge, high-value programs.

But the converse is also true. Making improvements in one or more of these areas can have a huge positive impact on programs - reducing costs, defects and overruns. A relatively small investment in on-boarding the processes, methods, tools and procedures that work for your business will pay huge dividends over the life of your project.

We provide training - but we can also support you through staff augmentation and consultancy to get the right processes in place for your project. We can integrate our training into your existing program to ensure a seamless roll-out. We can help you develop your Systems Engineering Management Plan and then train your staff on key aspects of Systems Engineering governance, control and process to ensure flawless execution on that plan.

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