Systems Safety

What ever type of system you are working on - large are small - there is one area that you can never compromise on: Safety. It almost goes without saying that accidents and incidents can have huge negative consequences for everybody involved. Donox courses on Safety Management and Safety Critical Systems will enable you to design safer systems and demonstrate safety to reduce your risk.

Donox safety courses deal with two key components of systems safety: the safety management process and the design for safety process. The first provides a rigorous approach to the process of identifying safety threats, hazards and accidents and the management of these to closure. The second deals the tools, methods and procedures of high-integrity systems development - what architects, designers and implementors need to know to ensure system safety.

These two processes are distinct - and yet need to operate synergistically. Indeed, in many cases for the most critical systems there needs to be a clear level of independence between safety design and safety assurance.

Donox safety courses cover both of these areas, and show how they can be successfully integrated with each other. Our trainers have significant hands-on, project experience of both managing safety assurance programs and of development of highly safety-critical systems. We understand both the theory and the practical constraints of real systems programs.

Don't leave it too late to think about safety on your program. Our experience shows that projects can easily underestimate both the technical and program implications of safety. Let us work with your staff to reduce your risk early.

Safety has to be considered from the earliest point of system creation - often in the bid phase for large-scale projects. This is because design for safety can have major implications for system architecture and technology selection for low-level, detailed implementation. But safety also has to be considered from the stand-point of governance, management and control. The business and engineering processes for safety that surround systems development need to be rigorous, traceable and verifiable in order to ensure the delivery of a safe system and to reduce risks associated with product liability.

Activities relating to the safety aspects of systems will continue throughout the development life-cycle - not least of all in the significant work of safety verification during system integration and test. Sadly, and all too often, errors in management and design become apparent late in project life-cycles when there is little time to recover

Donox safety training will teach you the tools, methods, processes and techniques of effective safety management and rigorous design for safety. Let us help reduce safety risk on you system development project.

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