To achieve maximum improvement in the minimum time you have to develop your people

Your Organisation's most Valuable Asset?

Many organisations say that their most valuable asset is their people. But do they really believe it? We do.

It is almost impossible to improve organisational performance without a focus on staff development and training. We recognise that, and have developed a reputation for delivering effective and comprehensive training. Our business process improvement projects always couple changes to organisational processes with a substantive element of training and staff development.

Training and staff development are core elements of our change philosophy. Staff training not only gives staff the skills to work in new and more effective ways but it offers much more besides. A focus on training is key to changing attitudes and culture. It signals to staff that the organisation is committed to change and willing to invest in them as people to make that change happen. Training in process improvement will lift moral and inject new energy into a team. It can move disparate groups of people from a 'them and us' mentality into high-performing multi-functions teams focussed on improvement.

Twin Tracks - People and Technology

One of the recurring themes of our training packages is our twin-track approach of people and technology. There use a strong evidence-based approach to training that has shown us that training in 'techniques', 'tools' or 'technology' is important - but it is not enough!

To make change stick there needs to be a focus on both technology and the 'people' component of change. So a great IT solution can fail if it is rejected by operational staff and end users. And rejection can easily happen if people are not prepared for that change. A 'brilliant' new business process can fail (or even be sabotaged) if the people are not brought on-board with the change.

One of the key things we have learnt in 20 years of leading organisational change is that it is not easy! We have learnt that the most effective way of overcoming organisational change-resistance is to couple any change with training and staff development. In that way, staff feel part of the process, valued for their contribution and can build commitment to the end-state solution.

Approach to Training

Donox approach training in a variety of ways. For example, we provide traditional, classroom based training in specific skill areas, for example - Lean Six Sigma, Process Modelling and Systems Engineering. .

We also integrate "just-in-time" training into our various workshop events. Thus, if we are running workshops with your staff for process elicitation or improvement project identification, we will often couple that with 'just-in-time' training that helps staff understand the activity and build skills.

Dr Rob Collins, Donox lead for Training, developed our approach to training as part of his PhD research - which integrated Technology, Psychology and Education. Since completing his research he has delivered hundreds of training courses in Process Improvement, Software and Systems to receptive audiences all over the world.

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