How can Donox improve your business?

We help Banks and Financial Services companies reduce their operational costs, provide a better, faster service to their customers and reduce operational risks.

Working with you

We work with your people in multi-function teams focussed on Business Process Improvement. We train, support and work with those teams to document processes, capture valuable corporate knowledge, measure process performance, identify waste and improve how your business operates.

In the last 15 years our staff have executed dozens of successful projects including:

  • Producing the first consistent, standardised, Europe-wide set of process documentation for a Commercial Credit operation. Within months this documentation was successfully used as the blue-print to establish operations in a new country roll-out.
  • Developing detailed operational process documentation for a Retail Credit operation in Germany including the identification of key controls and operational risk reduction measures.
  • Creating Value-Chain models for a Commercial Underwriting team. Training staff in Business Process Improvement, identification of a series of improvement projects and introduction of key process performance metrics.
  • Training 150+ staff in Lean Six Sigma and Business Process Improvement.
  • Introducing new Requirements Management processes for the IT function of major Financial Services company.
  • Completing a 3-month turn around of operational processes within a software development team in major Systems house. Project was initiated as a result of a fail of a significant ISO quality audit failure. We re-engineered and documented all processes and procedures, trained staff and went on to pass the following quality audit with flying-colours.
Donox Focus: Our staff are extremely well technically qualified – we understand both theory and practice. But our key focus is on practical, 'cole-face' interventions with clients that improve effectiveness and efficiency and reduce risk.

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