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Visual Project Maps - A New Book by Dr Rob Collins

by Rob Collins on January 20th, 2017 , 0 comments

We are pleased to announce the release of a new book by Dr Rob Collins - 'Visual Project Maps : Building Team Collaboration, Creativity and Commitment for your Project'. A Visual Project Map (VPM) provides you with a collaborative tool to get your projects moving quickly and to build engagement with your a team. It enables you bring a group together in the shortest timescale to initiate a project efficiently and effectively.

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What shape comes next?

by Rob Collins on February 6th, 2015 , 0 comments

These sort of puzzles seem to be immensely popular on Linkedin. I see them attracting hundreds of responses. And when ever I see one it brings to mind the story of Russell the Turkey which I tell occasionally on my courses. It goes like this .. Russell the Turkey was an exceptional bird by many accounts....

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Pain Time!

by Rob Collins on January 12, 2015 , 0 comments

A client of mine used to say of his organisation “Not enough time to do the job right – but plenty of time to do the job again when we get it wrong the first time!”. Do you experience the same symptoms? If so, then maybe it is Pain Time!

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Are you getting enough x?

by Rob Collins on December 4, 2014 , 2 comments

Are you getting enough x? As I ask around – it seems like many people are not. In fact, some people don't even realise that that they are missing out. If you are not getting enough x and you want more .. then read on….

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A Brit, a German and an Italian walk into a meeting room ..

by Rob Collins on October 25, 2014 , 2 comments

No, it isn't the start of a joke. It's the start of a kick-off workshop for a business process improvement project. There are also a couple of folk from the US in the room and one from Brazil. We also have representatives from China and India. It's not a joke yet. But it could become one quite quickly if the facilitator and project lead hasn't put some effort into thinking about the cultural difference between the participants.....

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