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New Book - Visual Project Maps

New Book - Visual Project Maps

by Rob Collins on 20th January 2017, 0 comments

'Visual Project Maps' - the new book by Dr Rob Collins is available on Amazon now! :

We are pleased to announce the release of a new book by Dr Rob Collins - 'Visual Project Maps : Building Team Collaboration, Creativity and Commitment for your Project'. The book presents a visual, Systems Thinking approach to projects that enables teams to collaboratively understand, map and develop their project.

You need Visual Project Maps if you are:

  • A Project Manager, starting a new project
  • A Leader, working with your team to set the direction for your organisation
  • An Entrepreneur, kick-starting a new Enterprise or creating a new product
  • A Creative, energising a team for a new production
  • A Marketeer, launching a new campaign
  • A Political leader, creating a new movement or re-invigorating an existing one
  • A Scientist, launching a new research project

In short, everybody who wants to get something worthwhile done with a group of people needs Visual Project Maps.

You can receive a free sample from Visual Project Maps now just fill in your name and e-mail in the form on the right, then click 'Request Sample Chapter' and we will rush you a PDF version direct to your e-mail in-box.

A Visual Project Map (VPM) provides you with a collaborative tool to get your projects moving quickly and to build engagement with your team. It enables you bring a group together in the shortest timescale to initiate a project efficiently and effectively.

The VPM method starts with a high-energy structured, workshop event. The workshop is highly creative, whilst also being structured. The VPM workshop structure gives you, the leader, a practical method to move ahead quickly and efficiently and to overcome obstacles with confidence.

Visual Project Maps are a creative tool that leverages the ‘Wisdom of the Crowds’. Your chances of project success are greatly enhanced by drawing on the knowledge, wisdom and experience of a diverse range of stakeholders and contributors.

VPMs are based on a well-founded understanding of human cognitive psychology - the way that humans think, remember, pay attention and make judgements. VPMs enable your team to collaboratively build a network of related ideas and issues and hence to build shared understanding.

The VPM method encourages creative thinking because it is highly visual - leveraging the key part of the human brain used for understanding relationships and seeing patterns. VPMs also encourage creativity through 'Constructive Challenge' - that is, workshop participants are challenged to think creatively to resolve specific problems and issues and to develop new ideas and ways of thinking

Visual thinking is powerful and effective. As human beings we process most of the information we receive visually. The human brain has astounding power to visually identify patterns, see connections and to spot gaps and clusters in visual information. A VPM is a visual tool that is specifically designed to leverage those capabilities of the human mind. VPMs enable you to build a shared visual representation of your project. VPMs enable stakeholders and team members to understand structure and patterns in the issues, opportunities and trade-offs in your project.

The VPM method enables you and your team to produce a hugely valuable artifact that will support your team way beyond its initial creation. The VPM model can be re-used time and again - in presentations to senior stakeholders, in review meetings, on web-pages, in project bulletins and as posters and visual displays in the workplace. A VPM’s visual appeal gives you a method of projecting and communicating your project beyond the bounds of your original team. It gives you a tool to create interest and conversations around your successful project.

Visual Project Maps is available now on Amazon:

Don't forget you can receive a free sample from Visual Project Maps now just fill in your name and e-mail in the form on the right, then click 'Request Sample Chapter' and we will rush you a PDF version direct to your e-mail in-box.

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Rob Collins

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